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Video with Blue Light

Video with Blue Light

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BigBlue | Video Light with Blue Light 4200

  • 3 Levels of brightness for cool white mode, 3 levels of brightness for blue color light, 1 level of brightness for red color mode and SOS controlled by a reliable push button design
  • Battery level indicator built-in :
    Blue color / Green color / Red color / Flash Red color
  • BATCELL 32650 Li ion Rechargeable Battery 
  • Built-in red color led enhances focusing performance 
  • Bulit-in blue color led for fluorodiving performance. Go with yellow plate for better result
  • Sturdy glove for hands-free operation underwater
  • Comes with ball joint for easy system setup
  • Removable yellow filter enhances warmer color tone
  • Comes with random color outdoor dry bag
  • Comes with yellow plate
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