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Synergy 2

Synergy 2

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SCUBAPRO | Synergy 2 Twin Lens Mask with Comfort Strap

Called the most comfortable dive mask on the market, you have to only try on a Synergy 2 Twin Trufit to feel the difference. Its Trufit Technology design incorporates not one but two separate silicone skirts - a thin, soft inner skirt for fit and comfort, and a thicker outer skirt to provide support near the mask frame. This innovative dual skirt design sets it apart from the original Syngery Twin, and has proven to provide an entirely new level of comfort during extended periods under water while ensuring a reliable watertight seal on virtually all face shapes. This low-volume dual lens mask also provides excellent field of view, and the buckle system is easy to use. The mask frame is spray painted for that premium look.

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